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December 4, 2011


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Weekly Giveaway! (haitus)

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 4, 2011, 3:44 PM
I'm currently not using DA indefinitely. This giveaway will go haitus in the meantime, until I start using DA again.

Click here to see winners from 2012

*Latest Winner*


*Winners from this year*

:bulletgreen: January 2013 Week 1: :iconchrissice:
:bulletgreen: January 2013 Week 2: :icons-suicide:
:bulletgreen: January 2013 Week 3: :iconmariaeatsyou:
:bulletgreen: January 2013 Week 4: :iconkirby-tree:
:bulletgreen: February 2013 Week 1: :iconsignaturefeather:
:bulletgreen: February 2013 Week 2: :iconderiandavid:
:bulletgreen: February 2013 Week 3: :iconkageyamatobio:
:bulletgreen: February 2013 Week 4: :iconckaaay:
:bulletgreen: March 2013 Week 1: :iconxarathecat:
:bulletgreen: March 2013 Week 2: :iconsilentpajero:
:bulletgreen: March 2013 Week 3: :iconkiki1ww:
:bulletgreen: March 2013 Week 4: :iconpeachros3:
:bulletgreen: March 2013 Week 5: :iconacid-hybrid:
:bulletgreen: April 2013 Week 1: :iconmistahipstah:
:bulletgreen: April 2013 Week 2: :iconbearberry915:
:bulletgreen: April 2013 Week 3: :iconblueandice:
:bulletgreen: April 2013 Week 4: :iconheartangelfied:
:bulletgreen: May 2013 Week 1: :iconthepointsgiveaway:
:bulletgreen: May 2013 Week 2: :iconlilo1212:

Congrats to any winners who have won my weekly point giveaway! ^_^

The winners are selected randomly from my list of watchers. As of right now, the giveaway is 100 points every week. (This was a little different in the past and may change in the future...<_<) I generate the random number on

Winning the giveaway once does not prevent you from winning the giveaway in any future drawing.


Q: When is the giveaway?
A: It's generally on Sundays. Sometimes Monday.

Q: How do I enter?
A: Add me to your watch list.

Q: What else do I have to do?
A: That's it.

Q: Do I ever have to come back to your page?
A: Nope.

Q: What if I add you but remove you from deviations watch so I never see your uploads?
A: That is fine and completely allowed. Not like I could stop you anyways <_<

Q: Ok...then why require us to watch you if we don't need to look at your uploads?
A: The watch list is convenient, as it gives everyone a number and I can instantly see who the winner is when throws out the winning number.

Q: What if I fav/comment on your stuff?
A: That would be awesome, and I would love you forever! =^_^=

Q: What I mean is...there any way to increase my chances of winning...¬_¬
A: Not unless you cheat and use duplicate accounts. But cheating is bad! =(

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